June 8, 2012


Admittedly things are not running as smoothly around here (and by that, I do mean the blog) as one could wish, but work, travelling, family and life in general is taking its toll. So be it and really nothing I can (or want to) change.

Still room for music and here a few quick recommendations.

First single Leave Your Body Behind You from Richard Hawley’s recent album Standing At The Sky’s Edge has been made free to download. Grab it, love it and then go buy the album. Sometimes life can be real simple!

Courtesy of Soliti Records the entire All Blackshirts To Me album by Cats On Fire can now be streamed from SoundCloud (for one week only). First listen pretty much blew me away…wonder what a few more listens will do!

The Boombox Hearts will release a new single called 100 (The Latest Flame) on (approx.) 22 June. I’ve had the privilege to give it a few advance listens and in a few words the song is not so sad (as one would expect), really catchy and totally awesome!

Lovebugs shares this lovely acoustic version of the track Truth Is.

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