March 8, 2013


Just received a "notification of copyright infringement" (it's been a while) today, because I some time ago decided to post Line of Fire by Junip. I've written about this topic before...but in case that post includes a few too many words, this is in short what I think of your mail: please, please pull your fucking head out of your ass and start thinking before mailing out shit like that...unless you enjoy making asses of yourself, because then who am I to stop you?...BUT had you bothered to do 10 seconds of research, you'd seen that you could get the fucking song (just use the links below) without spending a nickel...neither uploaded by me, but by the band itself and City Slang instead...and I seriously hope they know what the hell they are doing...or are you going to send them copyright infringement notifications as well?...I honestly think you are dickheads (yes YOU! who sent the complaint and Blogger/Google for passing it on) and if this is enough for you to delete my blog, then go ahead and do as you please...prefer this rather than apologizing for something insanely stupid as all sincerity...FUCK YOU!
+ Line of Fire (not posted by me in case you are so fucking stupid that you cannot figure that out yourself without assistance!)


DJ Talbot said...

Suddenly, I read Danish!

Unknown said...

Yes - funny how Danish sometimes resembles English :-)