October 9, 2013

A few choice words and a couple of songs...

My repost of those promo mails guidelines hasn't helped the slightest bit. So right now I'm seriously considering turning on the out-of-office-assistant with a reply saying "don't you ever dare sending me another useless remix or another shitty hip-hop track! IF you do I'll track you down a shove your computer up your..."...or something like that! Doubt it would help though and since I'm generally far too polite, I probably won't!

So while I'm feeling more and more drawn towards turning my back on promo mails, I luckily still receive some fantastic recommendations from old contributor J.A.. Amazing how he's able to dig out interesting yet little known artists over and over. Here are two of his most recent finds and as always this is seriously interesting and great stuff!

Taxes is a shoegaze act from Australia and here you'll get the full package of excellent songwriting and distorted guitars.

If you prefer guitar/synth driven pop songs that are quite 80's inspired, then check out the trio Toy Cities from Brooklyn instead.

And what do you know! Just saw that Mr. J.A. has mailed a few tracks...bet there will some interesting stuff among those as well, but will have to get back to those some other day!

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DJ Talbot said...

I hear you on the submissions that are no where near the genre that we are into. I was able to reduce the terrible ratio by removing the word "electro". Well, I am on to see what's in the 730 messages awaiting me!