October 22, 2013

Dry your eyes and watch my ship go down...

Had last week off from work and as the blue eyes optimist I am, I seriously expected that there would be enough time for writing a blogpost or two. But fatherhood, husbandhood, hanging around the hood, whateverhood, sure is a full time job, so there was no time left for that kind of fun.

So as always following a break (be it short - be it long) there is plenty of stuff piling up.

I bet the whole world knows this already, but consider this a service message for the few, who doesn't. There's a new Arcade Fire video out and a new album coming up.

Danish (who's behind this?) one-man project I Am Noxious is busy working his butt off in the studio (or so we are led to believe) recording new songs. But has nonetheless found enough time to give an older demo track (don't think the first version was ever available online?) an overhaul. Watch My Ship Go Down is described as "a lo-fi pop tune about Friday Nights", although I'm not totally convinced if the term "lo-fi" really fits in this case? A fine, rather catchy and slightly experimental electronic pop tune is probably somewhat more accurate ...I guess!

Another fine and equally interesting Danish electronic pop act It's A Synth is rather busy these days as well and this past weekend the band launched their new website; thereby publishing a few new tracks for us to stream. With a declared ambition of creating "big exciting four-minute floor fillers and epic evolving soundscapes" the new tracks (being uptempo, haunting and energetic) certainly verifies that the band is heading in the right direction.

Their first album aside, I cannot recall ever being a fan of Texas (the band). Always thought that this was a band for girls pretending they were listening to rock music, when they were actually listening to some seriously soft shit. But new single Dry Your Eyes is surprisingly enjoyable and highly recommendable. Not that surprising really when learning that the song was co-written with long-time blog favorite Richard Hawley and it does indeed sound remarkably like something that Mr. Hawley could have recorded himself.

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