January 7, 2014

Arcades and Valleys...

Hello again. This is the fifth post of the year, so has kicked of the new year on quite a frantic pace; don’t you think? No not really, but will do my best to beat last year’s measly total of 120 posts. I couldn’t help thinking last night before falling asleep that it must be some odd mix of stubbornness and ignorance that makes me continue with the blogging. I mean; everyone knows that blogs are dead. Well everyone except me!

Just a random pick from my SoundCloud feed. And quite a lucky pick it is, as new single New York, New York by Sweden’s Tiger Forest Cat is a really sweet and catchy pop tune. You know; one of those glorious pop songs the your only need to listen to for 10 seconds before realizing that it has to be by a Swedish artist.

Electronic UK duo New Arcades have had potential written all over them for quite some time now, but somehow I’m still waiting for them to hit that home run. New track Stay In My Sight has almost everything you could ask for, but sadly it lacks that killer chorus that would convert the song from being fine to absolutely fantastic.

New single The Valleys by Danish “super-group” The Mountains was released yesterday. It’s beautiful and dreamy, but not quite as immediately overwhelming as the self-titled debut single. But how could it possibly be and The Valleys is a fairly convincing second single. Hope the Spotify embedding is working OK?

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