April 27, 2005

New albums added to my CD-Collection:
The Raveonettes: Pretty In Black
Carpark North: All Things To All People

I haven't listened to Carpark North yet, but it will be interesting to hear if they have matured since their debut. Reviews are mixed, so my expectations are not all that high! First listen: In my opinion the band sounds very much the same as they did on the first one album, but sadly I don't think that new songs are as catchy as the old ones. However these are my thoughts after one listen, so this could (hopefully) change!

Instead I listened to The Raveonettes in the car this morning and it sounded very promising. Maybe (I have stopped promising anything) I will post a few comments on the album when I've listened to it a few more times. I have listen to the album 4 times this morning (having my own office is a great thing) and so far I'm very thrilled with what I've heard! I recommend that you listen to Love in a Trashcan, My Boyfriend's Back and Ode to L.A.!

Overall there is lots of new music in my life right now, so I really have no time for anything else but listening (not even for working)! Luckily several of the CD's I've ordered have been delayed, so there should (hopefully) be a little time left to do some catching up and checking out the resent purchases. As always - so much music, so little time!

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