February 11, 2006

The Coast Is Clear blog has recently turned into quite a Goodie Bag. The past few days I've downloaded songs by Morrissey, The Sounds and Baskervilles. And there are still quite a few songs left I need to check out!

Popular Danish blog DoCopenhagen recommends The Arrogants. A few months late, but it's nice to see a "huge" blog giving this brilliant band the attention they deserve.

Go here if you are interested in downloading Rector Street by Levy. And here if you want to download A Place In Displacement by South. Both songs are quite good!

Manchester band Keith seem to be rather popular at Myspace. Listen to Replica and it's pretty obvious that this band is from Manchester. Not sure if I like the song though!

It's really fun checking the mailbox these days! Yesterday I received a DVD and a 4 CD compilation from UK singer/songwriter Pete White (I sent him albums by Radiohead and Ryan Adams instead) and this morning albums by Belle & Sebastian (The Life Pursuit) and The Knife (Deep Cuts) arrived from CDON.com. Finally German band Phonodrive have sent me a copy of their second album Music.

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