March 31, 2006

Hype / Playlist

Every music blogger seems to be going crazy over Tapes 'N Tapes these days. I've been a bit puzzled over this, because the music didn't appeal to me at all when I listened to it last year! Yesterday I gave the band another try, but it didn't change that I'm still puzzled.
Another band getting a lot of exposure is Band Of Horses and I was more or less expecting that this would be another over-hyped band. But lo and behold. The Funeral [mp3] is a wonderful epic song and definitely among the best ones I've heard so far this year. So I immediately bought into the hype and ordered the album. And once I got started I also ordered the new albums by Morrissey (receiving 5 out of 6 stars by Gaffa), The Flaming Lips (5 out of 6 stars by Gaffa and by Soundvenue) and The Radio Dept.

............................................from the playlist:

Snowfight In The City Centre - No Light Left [mp3] Another noteworthy band name!
Self Stereo - That's Enough [mp3] Spanish alternative.
Grow - Not A Love Song [mp3] The vox could easily be a bit better, but I think the music is quite good.
Hotels - Atlantic [mp3] A mix of Joy Division and something indescribable. Forgot to mention that I found this band via Loveless Music Group.


Steph said...

I so agree on the Tapes n Tapes front. I was starting to feel like I was the only person who felt that way...
I don't get it.
I did want to drop you a line about Kudu though. They are out of NYC and I heard some of their songs recently and I have to say they're damn catchy. I am loving 'Playing House'.

merz said...

count me in on that tapes n tapes discussion. Sometimes when these bands get overhyped by the more popular blogs that is enough to turn me off. I did try to listen to them and was not very moved but "to each his own". music is in the ear of the beholder and my ears are not tuned on that one but....
I have picked up excellent tunes on this blog, keep up the excellent work Bro!


Pierre Elliott Trudeau said...

Music is pretty much a matter of personal tastes. Check each blog that hyped Tapes N' Tapes and you'll find that the blogger leans towards music that sounds that way.

Keep blogging in the free world.