April 14, 2006

Untitled (once again).....

We had guests for lunch today, which meant lots of Snaps and Baileys. Hmmm slowly starting to think that I'm turning into an alcoholic.....

A new "friend" request at Myspace from (what turned out to be) really good Irish band Shadowplay. The music is grand, moody and beautiful with some (rather clear) references to bands like Sigur Ros, Mercury Rev, The Cure etc.
+ The Submarine Song Recommended!
+ Boxing
+ Untitled

It's late and time to go to bed, but before shutting down the computer I simply have to recommend this fine Swedish indie band called Penny Century. If you're into female voices and guitars this is definitely something for you to check out!
+ This Is Not My Song
+ Tangled Up In My Sheets


The Tourist said...

Great tracks, well done for finding this.

Anonymous said...