July 12, 2006

Traening & more

In my post on Anamia yesterday, I mentioned Traening as one of the inspirational sources for the band's songwriter. When he mentioned the band I couldn't remember ever hearing of them, but when I scanned my computer I realized that a long time ago I had downloaded 4 songs, by this now dissolved Danish band. For whatever reason I hadn't bothered listening to the songs, but now I (finally) have and this is truly great stuff. This is probably very typical me that I don't discover a band until it no longer exists or someone tell me that I definitely need to check them out.
One of the members of Traening is now in the more well-known EPO-555 and musically the bands are related, as they both play a kind of alternative electro noise pop. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you like EPO-555 there is a good chance that you'll like Traening as well!
+ Swim
+ Only You
Both songs are from the 2003 album Better Than This.

After listening to it 20 times (at least) yesterday there is no longer any doubt in my mind. Map Of The Problematique by Muse is the best song of 2006 so far!

I emailed Mymusic yesterday suggesting that (some of) the pages should be translated into English, because foreigners have no clue how to register (thus being allowed to download the songs). Today I received a reply saying that they are thinking of it. Stop thinking! Just do it!

There has been lots of complaints about the new The Stills album in the blogosphere and today Danish magazine Gaffa gave the album 1 out of 6 stars.


Parklife said...

Yes, Maps of the Problematique is fantastic! (Didn't I tell you so? ;-) I have to buy the Muse-album for this song alone (luckily there are some other good songs on it...)

Chris said...

there are, Peter, there are. I for myself seem to be one of the few that like Invincible best. And "Map" is a damn fine song!

Thanks Morten, for your intervention at mymusic.dk... hope we'll see the results soon! ;)

tWAMi said...

The Best song on that brilliant album most be "City of Delusion"

Tinkerbell said...

I didn't find signing into Mymusic that bad (even though my Danish is appaling)... I know most Danes would hate me saying this, but if someone's already got knowledge of German/ English and a tiny bit of Danish, the can probably work out what's going on... That said it'd be great to see some of the stuff translated into English, if only to make it more accessible... Afterall, anything that gets the word out....

Hasse Wehner said...

Never heard of the band but sounds interresting. Will listen to it :-)