August 11, 2006

Danish Mixtape - Part III

I posted a couple of Danish Mixtapes a few weeks back and here's a third one to keep you entertained tonight. That is if you have absolutely nothing better to do! As always the songs are very good, free and legal!

+ Made Of Buildings - The Previews At The Movies
+ Tiger Baby - Girlfriend
+ Portland - Let Me Get What I Want
+ I Am Bones - Building Hospitals
+ Figurines - The Wonder
+ Gravy - Meltdown
+ Carpark North - Transparent And Glasslike
+ Sparklin June - The Warning Sign
+ Larsen & Furious Jane - Tourist With A Typewriter
+ Neon Machine - On What Deserted Island With No Hope Of Rescue Is This?
+ Anubia - Goodbye Now
+ Swimm TV is TV - Crush
+ Heartbreak Disco - Ice Floes
+ Sepiamusic - Stone

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Tinkerbell said...

Hey, do you mind if I link a few posts to this for Pastries, Pepper and Canals...? It's a GREAT idea... (I will, of course, credit you)
Hope it's OK...