August 21, 2006

The short walk..

We participated in the Ecco Walkathon yesterday (the photo is not very good - I know) and walked 10 kilometers (6 miles) for charity! The weather was pretty fine (the rain quickly stopped and never returned), so we had a nice afternoon.
+ Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side
+ Mad Staring Eyes - Walking In The Streets
+ The Monday Photo - The Walk

Try to make a search at The Hype Machine for Mew and you will see that just about every US blogger is writing about Denmark's finest (?) these days! Let's hope that the exposure will lead to a US breakthrough! And remember that the band will play in Tivoli Gardens on September 1.

Danish music blog Pastries, Pepper and Canals... has reposted the Danish Mixtape I posted a few weeks back!

German DJ/Musician Cord (a.k.a. Oscillating Brushhead) has uploaded a new track to his Myspace profile. As usual you never know what to expect, and this time it's an acoustic guitar and a drum machine (I could be very wrong here?)! Still pretty good though!
+ 1

Rodolfo has once again been so kind to send me an email packed with music I should check out! I won't listen to the stuff today, but hopefully some of his recommendations will be posted here tomorrow!

Hurry over to Coast Is Clear and listen to Count Them On One Hand by Black Car.

I forgot to mention it last week, but various sources report that Moi Caprice are currently recording their 3rd album. Expected date of release is November 13.

It's funny how many people find this blog, because they are searching for lyrics. Especially people trying to find the written words of Spleen United and Sidste Ambulance are frequent guests. You're more than welcome, but you won't find what you're looking for here!

Chris hasn't updated his blog today. Either he's
a) Busy (likely)
b) Hung-over (more likely)

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Chris said...

it actually was a combination of a) and b)... :whiz: