October 19, 2006

"Re-sounding the Rain"

Copenhagen 5-piece Cinnober has just released a new EP called Re-Sound and all 3 tracks of it are available as free downloads from the band's webpage (now wake up people - this is exactly the right way to promote your music, if you want it to be heard!). Those of you who are already familiar with the band won't be disappointed, because the songs are just as jazz inspired, pleasant-sounding and beautiful as always, although the brilliant title track flirt heavily with a more rocking sound. The rest of you, who have never heard of Cinnober, should hurry up and get to know this really fine Danish band! Finally I owe to mention that the photo was taken by Morten Melhede!
+ Re-Sound
+ Fate Is Out (To Get Me)

Oscillating Brushhead is a one-man musical (and part time) project by German DJ Cord, but unlike other DJ's he's (thankfully) not experimenting with Electronica, Dance etc. Instead Cord seems to have "healthy" love for the Shoegaze genre and for several years he has been writing songs influenced by MBV, Slowdive etc. The other day he (I've been told) played one of his new demo recordings called Rain at the Listening In in Kiel and it did receive quite a positive response. The track was mailed to me the following day, and I instantly liked it. So I asked for (and got) permission to post this quite amazing shoegaze track from O.B. and for you listening pleasure I've added the long time favorite My Favourite Dream as well. Hopefully someday this will turn into being much more than just a part time project, because there sure is a lot of unreleased potential here!
+ Rain
+ My Favourite Dream


Parklife said...

"Re-sound" is great! (And "Rain" of course too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cinnober is a very very GOOD band!
"Fast machine" was fantastic and the new songs are brilliant!