October 18, 2006

Spencer in Munich?

Danish shoegaze/indie-rock 5-piece Munich has finished recording the debut album and 3 songs from the album can be downloaded from the band's Myspace profile (meaning that they are in the typical poor Myspace quality). The songs are not as shoegaze inspired as I expected them to be, but instead the band sounds like it has found a source of inspiration in fellow Danish rock band Kashmir! I cannot find the release date for the album anywhere, but since the songs are really great, I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the rest of it - whenever it will released!
+ Eyes Of Glass
+ Sea Ports

Spencer Tricker is a songwriter from N.Y., who (in his own words) writes and records music "in a desperate bid to avoid getting a real job". I have to admit that I like his honesty. No bullshit about saving the world, and who cannot relate to his ambition about avoiding getting a job? On the first of the two tracks below, Altar Boy Blue, he sounds very lo-fi almost in an Iron & Wine kind of way, but on the second track, Oblivion, things suddenly get a lot more "plugged" towards the end of the song. I cannot decide which part or "musical direction" I like the most, but facts remain that Spencer has a great voice and a knack for writing beautiful songs! I guess only time will tell, if those skills are enough to "save" him from taking a 9 to 5 job once his days as a student are over, but hopefully we'll hear a lot more from this very talented singer/songwriter!
+ Altar Boy Blue
+ Oblivion

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Peter said...

thanks for the tip. Munich is grande fantastico. Similarly danish combo WINDEMERE and surely KASHMIR. I add the guys as friends.