January 14, 2007

The Cupids - Revisited...

Yesterday I was contacted by a visitor to the blog, who had stumbled upon this older post on Danish band The Cupids. He asked about news, official releases etc., and to be able to answer his questions I contacted one of the band members. He replied, informing me that the band is very much alive, and has recently been spending a lot of time rehearsing. The best news, however, is that the band will soon start recording and chances should be fine that more information will flow this way very soon. Back then I thought the band reminded me of The Smiths and it certainly still does!
+ Tonight
+ Hand In Hand
+ My Blurry Day


José Antonio said...

The Cupids are great!!!
I love this band!!
Pure pop!! ;-)
José Antonio

Parklife said...

"Hand in hand" reminds me a lot of Suede!