January 13, 2007

Saturday Smorgasbord...

Volvoe are quite productive these days. Today the band has uploaded another new track (called Places) and (once again) it's a really great one!
+ Places (Myspace "quality)

Via the Myspace profile of Volvoe I came across another interesting Danish band called The Latitudes. The band is less than a year old, but apparently several band members used to be in another band called The Mayfairs. The band lists The The among the influences and it's probably not completely incorrect comparing the music of The Latitudes to this UK band!?
+ Any Given Night
+ Curtains Drawn

J.A. recommends the track Talk To Me by Norwegian electro pop 5-piece Melophonia. If you enjoy the electronic and danceable tunes of bands like Goldfrapp, Tiger Baby etc. (and I have to admit that I do) this is definitely something for you.
+ Talk To Me

I know that UK band Pete and The Pirates should be classified as old news, but the nice and charming (quoting Indie MP3, who mentioned the band a year ago) songs of this indie folk rock/pop band, probably can survive "another round in the spotlight"!
+ This Thyme
+ Ill Love

Lead singer Tom Sanders of Pete and The Pirates and a few musical friends has a side project (?) called Tap Tap and I personally find this band even more interesting. Several reviewers are really high on the band's debut album Lanzafame and more than once the band has been compared to Arcade Fire.
+ 100,000 Thoughts
+ Little Match (Big Fire)

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Parklife said...

hey, "100.000 thoughts" is fantastic! And really has a lot of Arcade Fire to it...