January 24, 2007

Seeing through the snow...

Great Danish music blog emodreng & indiepige has a new home.

Download Keane's cover version of the classic The Sells Sanctuary by The Cult over at Torr. Awesome!

Chris and I could have saved ourselves a lot of troubles the other day. Cobra by Oliver North Boy Choir is available over at Last.fm!
+ Cobra

Skatterbrain recommends DAYS!

Yesterday I compared Dew to The River Detectives. Check out this track from the (brilliant) 2005 album King of The Ghost Train Ride.
+ Some Kind of Love

Guess what I'll be doing March 31!?
+ To The Lighthouse
+ Artboy Meets Artgirl

Came across the simply wonderful Suddenly Everythings Happens by California Snow Story over at Myspace tonight, just to learn that Indie MP3 had mentioned it earlier today. But it's certainly good enough to be mentioned by me (and plenty of others) as well, so grab this great new freebie by Letterbox Records.
+ Suddenly Everything Happens

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Thanks very much for the post,

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