February 27, 2007

Busy Tuesday...

Only have time to post a few one-(or perhaps two-) liners.

Found the track Paragraphs Relentless by Dälek in the mailbox this morning. I normally don't like this type of music at all (mix of Hip-Hop and Rap), but to my big surprised I really enjoy this one!
+ Paragraphs Relentless

Talking about dislikes. I hate it when bands and albums are being (over-)hyped, but I really, really like Wincing The Night Away by The Shins.
+ Phantom Limb

Chris meets Blackfield.

Peter has posted a new (at least it's new to me) and excellent track by EPO-555. EPO-555 spin-off Oliver North Choir will release their 4 track debut single (download only) on Sunday (March 4). I've had the pleasure to listen to all 4 tracks and it's brilliant stuff!
+ Something New (demo version)

Finnish alternative rock band Tinker has uploaded 3 new demo tracks to Myspace. I've only listened to them once so far, but they sounded pretty cool.
+ Sleepwalk
+ Tonight & Me
+ Cynic's Heart


Chris said...

Thanks for the shout! And indeed: Wincing The Night Away is a great album full of pop gems. Sometimes it's ok to follow the hype! :)

Jeff said...

That Dalek album is amazing. But aren't hip-hop and rap the same thing, or rather hip-hop is the genre, while rapping is the actual act. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

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