March 1, 2007

The Alpine - Remix Album

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the debut album On Feel Trips, The Alpine has re-released it in a remixed version. It's a so-called virtual album, which will only be available from (where you have to be a registered member and able to understand Danish to navigate your way through the site). But the really good part is that all of the remixes are free to download, there are 13 of them (more will be added) and some of them are actually pretty damn good. So if you ever thought of learning Danish, this could perhaps be the perfect occasion to start practicing? Below I've posted my 3 favorites among the remixes.
+ No I In Team (Why The Misery remix)
+ Trigger (Lo_FI_FNK remix)
+ Two Steps (The Jepptunes Remix)

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