April 19, 2007

This and that...

J.A. is really high on the track Over You by Swedish electronic/synth pop one-man project Killing Game. And it certainly is an incredible and very catchy song that must be among the best I've heard so far this year. Unfortunately it's not available for download, so streaming will have to do for now.

In a recent interview Avi of It's A Trap lists Hits In The Car as one of his top 3 music blogs. Thank you Avi and trust me when I say that I'm truly, truly flattered.

I did a little search over at Myspace today and somehow stumbled upon Swedish part-time project/duo Sons of Brother Justin. Once you listen to these two great indie/shoegaze/dream pop inspired tracks, I feel pretty certain that you'll agree that it's hard to believe that they were written and recorded in just 24 hours.
+ The Jury
+ Treadmills

The video for the great new track The Needle In The Butterfly by Danish Americana/Spaghetti Western/Tarantino inspired duo Salem features sequences from the Lars Von Trier movie Europa. It's absolutely amazing!

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