April 14, 2007

Saturday's alright for...

Yesterday I posted SuperTroels' remix of Wash Out by Turboweekend. Today I learned that the track has been remixed by Danish producer/DJ James Braun as well. Dance away...
+ Wash Out (James Braun Remix)

The debut album (to be called Echoes & Stills) by Danish indie/alternative rock band January Jaunt will be released on May 5. As a small appetizer the band's label, the newly founded Strange Ears, has uploaded one of the tracks from the album for all of us to download and enjoy. This is both melodic and noisy at the same time and very, very interesting!
+ Vacation in the unknown

The William Blakes are really productive these days and for the second time this week the band has uploaded a new track to Myspace. According to the band the song is based on William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience.
+ Innocence and Experience (Links taken down)

The single Pretty Far From OK by Swedish pop/shoegaze (strange combination, but I bet you'll agree when you've listened to it) band Oh! Custer is released on Cloudberry Records tomorrow. I have only heard one of the tracks (the b-side; Post), which is absolutely brilliant!
+ Post

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