April 16, 2007

Monday Music...

Work is piling up at my desk, so I don't have much time for writing posts today. So here are a few tracks to keep you entertained, while I'm working my way through lots and lots of stuff that would make anyone suffering from insomnia fall asleep within 15 seconds...

+ Rubik - Haiku Motorik
Great song by this Finnish indie rock band. Compared to Radiohead, Mew and the likes.

+ GimmiJapan - Gloria + Confidential + Shiver At Nightlights
3 fine alternative pop songs from GimmiJapan's 2006 Demo EP.

+ Quarter - Confusions + Where The Planes Crashes
Britpop inspired German band. Recommended by J.A.

1 comment:

Parklife said...

I hope you stay awake nevertheless! :-)