April 17, 2007

Velour - The sound of sunshine...

Danish 60's inspired indie pop band Velour has been so kind to send me their yet to be released second album Undress Your Alibis. Actually it was released in Germany last week on Noisedeluxe, but so far no date for a Danish release has been set. But perhaps/hopefully the band's Danish label (Sonet) will hurry up, once they read this very positive German review of the album? My German isn't any good (actually it sucks pretty bad), but a statement like "...ist Pop im besten" shouldn't be all that difficult for anyone to understand. And this is indeed a wonderful pop album that really urges you to grab a cold one, put on your wayfarers (or whatever they are called these days) and dance into the sunshine. And the sun will shine, because these songs are so charming and irresistible that even the sun wouldn't want to miss the party!!
+ If You Really Want Me (my favorite track on the album)
+ Pam And The Important Man (described as a "pop jewel" in the review)

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