April 18, 2007

The William Blakes +++

The William Blakes continues to record new songs and the past week 3 new tracks have been uploaded to Myspace. The band has been so kind to mail me all 3 tracks in high quality and given me permission to post all of them as well. The songs remain difficult to label and still sound something like Talking Heads and Arcade Fire teaming up with Kraftwerk and Phil Spector. Or in the band's own confident words they sound like "something spectacular". Information is sparse so I have no idea who's hiding behind the band name (could be ordinary Joe's or some other band's side project), whether the band will ever play live, is closed to be signed etc. But I really like the songs which probably is what matters the most? Links taken down...
+ Innocence and Experience
+ Science is Religion
+ Secrets of the State

Oliver North Boy Choir has recorded a cover version of the disco classic Yes Sir, I Can Boogie. The song can be streamed at the band's Myspace profile and after a few listens I really started enjoying it!

Swedish synth pop trio This Vision has uploaded a new track name Untitled to Myspace. Accordingly the reason for this banal title is that finishing and mixing the track is taking forever, so the band has decided to upload the track as it is in its current version. A new/updated version will probably be available as some point (although this one IS already pretty good).
+ Untitled
+ Young Hearts (older but excellent track)


Parklife said...

"Secrets of the state" is especially great! Thanks for sharing that! :-)

Andreas said...

William Blakes has got a record deal now! They'll start recording in september.