July 8, 2007

Back again...

After two weeks in the rain (how I wish I was writing "sun" instead) I'm back and typing this with (highly unexpected) pale fingers. Everything around here is pretty much as I expected; the mailbox is cluttered, the number of visitors has dropped and all my favorite blogs have posted zillions of new and interesting songs the past few weeks. So it might take some time before I've read my way through all the messages and listened to all the songs, as I do have plenty of work (you know - the boring and unimportant real-life stuff) to take care of as well.

A while back when I wrote the post on OMD covers, Oliver North Boy Choir mailed me their version of the classic Enola Gay. Back then I made a promise not to post it, and despite being quite a challenge I managed to keep my word. Now the band has decided to distribute the song to a few blogs, so I guess this means that I'm released from my vow? Actually this is an older piece recorded in the days when the band was named Pierre, but still intended to be used as a b-side. However something went wrong (won't try to give the technical explanation), so this ended up being the final version (and a damn good one I might add). One a side note; Ivan of the band has set up a blog called In a cyclone of stones (soon to be added to the blogroll).
+ Enola Gay

I've done my share of whole-hearted attempts trying to get into Stars, but Elevator Love Letter aside the band has failed to impress me. But I have to admit that the new track (which is already all over the blogosphere) is really, really sweet.
+ The Night Starts Here

I somehow completely missed the release last month of the Moonshine Heights EP by Stars In Coma on Music Is My Girlfriend. Freebie Spring Rain Song takes a while getting into, but is a real grower.
+ Spring Rain Song

But probably the best news of all is this new wonderful indie pop tune by Sweden's The Electric Pop Group. The band continues the formula from the album and has written yet another irresistible and charming tune (thanks to Coast is Clear).
+ My Only Inspiration

More tomorrow...I hope!


Chris said...

welcome back, chap! :)

stytzer said...

Thanks :)

Parklife said...

Yeah welcome back! Too bad the weather was miserable. But there's no sun all over the place (at least in Germany...)

José Antonio said...

Welcome back!! I´m very happy!
New great post for our ears! ;-)