July 16, 2007

J.A. Recommends...

One could easily be fooled to believe that the weather would be so great in Spain these days that J.A. would have all kind of difficulties to find enough time to be searching for new music. However (or perhaps luckily) that doesn't seem to be the case (or he simply doesn't care about his suntan?), so this morning I found some nice recommendations in the mailbox.

Today I'll only post one of his recommendations and (the obvious reason aside that the music is really great) the main reason for picking this one is that the band has a perfect name - Sunny Summer Day. And since the sun IS shining today, what would be more perfect than to listen to a couple of great indie pop songs from this Indonesian band? Both tracks are demos recorded this year and some of the main influences include The Field Mice and The Stone Roses, so you should know what to expect. According to the band's Myspace page they are signed to a small US label called Little Pocket Records, but no information is available on any releases. But certainly worth keeping an eye on!
+ You're The One For Me
+ Something In Your Eyes


José Antonio said...

Yes Morten, the weather is great in Spain these days!
So, Two fresh pop songs for my ears! ;-)

montem said...

I would like to say thank you for listening our songs...i'm one of band member ob Sunny Summer Day..

hope your life are going fine when you're listening our songs..