July 16, 2007

Spies on Holiday...

Just a few thoughts on the Spion/The Holiday Show double concert Friday evening.

Apparently 8 PM is too early to start a concert? Not that many people showed up, which was quite a shame. Though I don't really think I should complain about this, because it meant that there was plenty of room for everyone.

The Holiday Show delivered a fine performance. Unlike last year on Vesterbro the boys had time enough to do a sound check, so the band sounded a lot better than back then. The guys are actually taking a break right now (saying they are on Holiday, would sound like a stupid attempt at trying to be funny), but decided to take "a break from the break" to be able to play the concert. They seemed to have a great time performing, so I don't think they regret that decision at all. Afterwards I spoke briefly to Mads and Casper of the band and it seems like lots of positive things are happening. But we'll get back to that, whenever they are ready to share the news.

Second act Spion also gave a fine and energetic performance and certainly seemed to have a great time on stage, despite a few equipment problems. Luckily I got my hands on their newest demo and after listening to it during my drive home ("pump up the volume"), it is absolutely unbelievable that they haven't been signed to a record label.

In between the two acts I had the pleasure of speaking to Thomas of Volvoe. He admitted to be a regular visitor to the blog, so if you read this Thomas - It was really nice talking to you!!
+ The Holiday Show - City Girlfriend
+ Spion - Tynd Is
+ Volvoe - Travelling

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