July 18, 2007

Stay in Munich...

Things aren't exactly going my way today, so I really have no time for writing. So while I'm working and trying to get everything back to square one, I'll leave you with these two brand new tracks, by a couple of bands previously featured in the blog.

The Young Ones is from the forthcoming debut album by Danish indie-rock act Munich. It's up-tempo, haunting and catchy, and if the rest of the album is this great, it certainly is something to be looking forward to.
+ The Young Ones

The Myspace page of Spanish quartet Stay is entirely in Spanish, so I really have no idea what is going on. But I believe I Feel You Around must be a brand new one, but of course I could be wrong here (J.A. - can you help?). But a nice one it is, and the Kashmir reference makes perfect sense once you've listened to the track.
+ I Feel You Around (Kashmir Reflection)


José Antonio said...

Yes Morten,
This is one new song.
The band released new album 21th of june in Wild Thing Records.
It´s their second album.

stytzer said...

Thanks :)