July 17, 2007

That and This...

According to this page Under Byen will be touring Denmark this fall. September 29 the band will make a stop in Helsingør and it probably would be stupid not to go?
+ Af Samme Stof Som Stof

The youngsters from Electrojuice have created a remix of the VETO track You Are A Knife. Think I prefer the original version!
+ You Are A Knife (Electrojuice Remix)
+ You Are A Knife

That Labrador Summer Sampler yesterday took forever to download. And it just seems to be a compilation of all their previous freebies (see the complete list here), so it's kind of disappointing. But I'll try to listen my way through all the tracks later today. I really should be fair. Even though I know most the tracks already, this sampler certainly has made me listen to a few tracks that I haven't been listening to for a very long (perhaps even too long) time. Like for example...
+ Sambassadeur - Between The Lines
+ Afraid of Stairs - Not Today
+ [Ingenting] - Släpp In Solen
+ The Legends - Play It For Today

Anyone know if Memoplay (Adam Svanell + Björn Kleinhenz) will ever record another song? The band's webpage closed down a while ago, but now the 4 songs from the duo's (one and only) EP are available for free again - this time at Last.fm.
+ Words Are Small
+ Song For No Ears

Download the EMP remix of the Human League track Dreams Of Living.

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