August 16, 2007

Compilation CD...

My youngest daughter isn't feeling all that well today, so while I'm home looking after the little one, I've made myself this nice compilation CD (must be the first one for ages) containing some of my favorite tracks of the past few months. Guess what will be on the carstereo tomorrow?

+ The Papertiger Sound - The Papertiger Sound Forever
+ The Electric Pop Group - My Only Inspiration
+ The Dance Inc. - Dont run to the Suburbs (Erobique Remix)
+ Sunny Summer Day - You're the one for me
+ 1 2 3 4 - Saddest
+ Purplespace - Pretty in Pink (The Psychedelic Furs cover) - Shoegaze
+ Penny Century - Nothing Burns Like Bridges
+ Oliver North Boy Choir - Enola Gay
+ Northern Portrait - What happens next?
+ Northern Portrait - I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me
+ Northern Portrait - Crazy
+ Munich - The Young Ones
+ Monomen - Drum Of Glass
+ Hari And Aino - Seasons
+ The Felt Tips - Treat Me Gently
+ Tower of Foil - Faster than your eye
+ Kristoffer August & The Red Apples - Desert Night Sky
+ Daylight - The Morning Call
+ Celestial - Somedays We Are
+ Amazonair - Because Tonight

Update: When I listened to the CD in the car this morning, it felt almost unbelievable that all these great songs are yours to grab, burn and listen to for free...


Mr Rossy said...

Cool mix dude !!! When i have kids i hope to become a house husband and never go to work ever again, just stay at home, cook, play with the kids and do lots of blogging !!
Wishful thinking me thinks !!!

Hope yr kid gets better !!

stytzer said...

Glad you like the mix...wishful thinking or not. Sounds like wise career planning to me :)

The daughter is all fine now thx!

jackwinderberry said...

just downloaded a few of these and they sound GRREEATT. can't wait to hear more. --- bookmarked!