August 15, 2007

Ether & Velour...

Sometimes I cannot help thinking that life just isn't fair. I just read the great news that Ether Aura will be playing a free show on August 24th at The Berkley Front. The only, but quite significant problem is that the venue is located in Michigan, which is (at least) a 12 hours journey away from Denmark. But if you happen to be in the Detroit area next Friday don't miss the opportunity to see this fantastic band live. Below two tracks from this year's excellent album, Before We Could Sing.
+ Twist
+ Tell Me That I'm Nothing

According to the band's blog Entakt is currently recording new tracks. You all should know by now that I'm quite a fan, so this is great news indeed!

The catchy If You Really Want Me by Velour has been remixed by Emil Høiriss. The remix is absolutely cool, but it's really quite a shame that it's not possible to download it. Instead you can stream it here or download the original version below.
+ If You Really Want Me

Yesterday Peter posted a new track by Swedish shoegazers Fathom 5. Strongly recommend that you check it out!

Sometimes I find the recommendation function quite amusing. This morning it suggested that I should listen to a band called Northern Portrait.........hmmm wait a second. That name does ring a bell - doesn't it?

The new and instantly loveable "free download only" single Nothing Burns Like Bridges by Penny Century is released today on Letterbox Records.
+ Nothing Burns Like Bridges

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