August 17, 2007

Murder the (S)ambassadeur...

Last year I posted a few words on the EP by NY quartet Murder Mystery and now that the band has released their debut album, it's time to post a few more. The name of the 12 track album is Are You Ready for the Heartache Cause Here it Comes and perhaps it's a bit on the short side with a running time of just 33 minutes. But all 12 tracks are little pop gems (I used that description the first time round as well) and certainly no time is wasted on unnecessary fillers, which makes those few minutes very well spent. The band uses the term "Television-esque guitar arrangements" in the press material, and this is actually a fine way to describe the sound of the band (a bit more "popish" perhaps, but listen to Marquee Moon and I'm sure you'll agree). Now if only the band hadn't removed the picture of Peter Lorre from their webpage!
+ Love Astronaut
+ Honey Come Home
+ Grab one more track over at You Ain't No Picasso

Peter wrote in his post yesterday about how convenient it is to receive music in your mailbox. I fully agree - especially when the music is great, as this makes your life as a music blogger a lot easier. The fine new single I Am History by Swedish trio The Bell is just a perfect example of why some promo mails are worth checking out!
+ I Am History

The new single by Sambassadeur is already all over the bloggerworld, but I thought I should mention it as well, as it's exactly as sweet and catchy as you expected it to be.
+ Subtle Changes

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Anonymous said...

Did "The Bell" used to be called "You is Stupid" or am I getting bands confused?