August 10, 2007

Friday blurbs (bullshit! bullshit!)...

The boys from Anamia have mailed a brief update (including a few pictures) and accordingly the recording of 4 new tracks was quite a success. The band is still in the process of mixing the songs, but I'm really looking forward to listen to the new "babies". Hopefully they will spend a little more energy on promoting the new EP than they did on last year's An Extraordinary New Fitness Product, because this band is simply too great to go unnoticed. Will keep you posted whenever there is something new to tell.
+ As I Walk Into The Fight (from last year's EP)

Part II of the J.A. recommends post has been postponed for now. But when I look at my mailbox I'm certain there'll be another post like that in the near future.

The great new Tower of Foil EP Faster Than Your Eye is released today. Grab all 3 tracks for free here.
+ Faster Than Your Eye
+ Robin and wrens
+ Soft stars

I've finally made up my mind that I will post a few tracks by Cause and Effect. I just need to find the time to write a "worthy" post. I could of course just post the songs, but wouldn't that be a rather weak solution? Last year the band gave away a remix of Into The Light from the 2003 Sunrise EP for free, so this one will have to do for now...
+ Into the Light (DJ Jeff Barringer & J-Star Remix)

If DJ Jeff Barringer rings a bell it's probably because of this remix that I've posted a few times before.
+ Mighty Six Ninety - Keeping You In Mind (Keeping It Electro Club Mix)

Yesterday Music of the Moment temporarily changed its name to Weather of the Moment. At the same time J.A. is complaining about the heat and drought in Spain. We live in a paradox world - don't we?

In a cyclone of stones has posted a new remix of the Oliver North Boy Choir track Adrenaline. The remix was done by TAT2000 and I agree with Ivan (who runs the blog and more importantly is a member of ONBC) that the remix is darker than the original version (which I probably like better). Big thanks to Ivan for letting me post the remix in the blog.
+ Adrenaline (farm animals remix)

Electronically yours (remember to check out the page for several other interesting remixes) has posted John Von Ahlen's excellent remix of We Live So Fast by Heaven 17. Is it a guilty pleasure enjoying the music of Heaven 17?
+ We Live So Fast - the tenth stage remix 07

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