October 5, 2007

4 songs...

I've mentioned Manchester quartet Kni9hts several times before in the blog and I'll continue doing so as I honestly believe that this must be the best unsigned band in the world today. Despite all my worries the band itself seems very confident that they will be signed any day soon and why shouldn't they be that? All of the 12 demo tracks (that's already an album worth of songs) I've heard so far are just excellent and sounds like something Doves would have been proud of recording! Below what I believe is a new demo track.
+ Day of the Dove

Indonesian quartet Sunny Summer Day must be the nicest band on the planet. The band members are always friendly and always appreciating the interest and blog mentioning. Add to this the charming indie pop the band creates, and you cannot help simply loving this band!
+ Blue Light Pollution

Finally the mere result of a few hours spent the other day listening to songs found in the mailbox. Lots and lots of garbage and the only decent ones were the two tracks posted below. Both of them rock along nicely, so they are definitely worth a listen, though I'm still baffled by the low quality of the rest of the stuff.
+ Dog Day - Oh Dead Life
+ The Forms - Knowledge in Hand


Ivan said...

Og nørj, hvor er det der Sunny Summer Day godt. Det lyder som den første Primal Scream plade, men på en god måde!
// Ivan.

Kate said...

I took a Stytzer hiatus for a while, but MAN, I am glad to be back looking at your site. So many great artists you introduce me to. Everything you put on here is right on. So, like,...thanks:)!