October 4, 2007

Steam Train to Utopia...

Last night I finally received a message that I've been eagerly awaiting for quite some time now. DAMPFBAHN!'s ambitious project has been completed and 9 remixes of All Is Swell are done and ready, and have been published at the band's remix page (these are the days of Radiohead, so all the remixes are obviously free to download - a bit more information on the remixes/project can be found there as well). In the band's own words "It's a wonderful compilation of remixes of our song All Is Swell. Ranging from beautiful to bizarre!" and who am I to disagree? It certainly is quite a bumpy, but at the same time a highly entertaining, ride listening your way through all of the remixes. Have to admit that I simply love this concept (who doesn't love getting a string of new remixes for free?) and sincerely hope that other bands will get inspired to do the same!
+ All Is Swell - Zvook Mescalin
+ Hank Swelliams remix - Forest and Crispian

First single/teaser from the forthcoming Skywriter album has been published. I have no idea of what the album will be called or when it will be released, but several concert dates this fall have been announced, so hopefully something is brewing (just received info that the album won't be released until some time next year). The lyrics are dark/pessimistic, but listening to this really catchy track is still very uplifting indeed, as it promises well for the album. Finally big thanks to the band for letting me post the track!
+ Craving Utopia

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