October 23, 2007

Another one of those This and That posts...

Frekvens.dk now has a Myspace profile. Check them out and add them to your friends!

Now this is a quite difficult one. Someone has recommended US folk rock band The Instant to me and I really like the band's music (they write some pretty fine tunes), but boy do I find the voice of the lead singer annoying. Is he falling asleep or is he singing through his nose or? I don't know, but those guitars are just lovely and the piano in the end makes it all worthwhile!
+ October

The Tamborines are giving away two new demo tracks. CWB (whatever that stands for) is definitely the better of the two.

Finally a Matinée Recordings double pack. The lovely indie pop label has just released the debut album Saw You Dancing by The Hermit Crabs and a brand new EP by Math and Physics Club called Baby I'm Yours. As you'd expect the promo tracks are just wonderful!
+ Hermit Crabs - Friends Folk Festival
+ Math and Physics Club - Baby I'm Yours

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