October 22, 2007

This and That...

Danish author, blogger and music fan Thomas Ladegaard offers his take on the new Kent album. I especially agree with his conclusion that you need to invest some time, before getting into the album. But also that the investment will pay off nicely in the end!

Ruined by Martin asks us all to vote for them in the Samsung MTV unsigned competition. I don't give much for those kinds of competitions, but since I like Ruined by Martin a lot I think we all should give them a helping hand or at least our votes!

J.A. recommends Swedish indie pop band Basil. Since it's an indie pop band from Sweden you really should know what to expect; and you won't be disappointed. You'll even hear handclaps and violins, so there won't be much to complain about!
+ Vanilla Girl
+ When We Were 21

Call it nemesis; call it what you like. But ever since I voiced my concern about my drowning mailbox the number of promo mails has dropped significantly. And just between you and me...those promo mails are a pretty damn good and quite easy way to find some inspiration, so I really don't mind them at all!

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