October 1, 2007

Catching up...

As much as I like to think I'm the centre of the Universe, the World seems to have no problems whatsoever continuing its 24 hour schedule when I'm on holiday, which makes it painfully clear that it actually manages pretty well - even without my presence. So because of the world's lack of cooperation it just never fails that I find myself drowning in mails, messages and CD's whenever I return from being away from home (and the computer) for more than 72 hours. So once again this is one of those catching up posts!

Messages indicate that we'll soon be listening to new songs by The William Blakes and Us With Millions.

Ruined by Martin has launched the new website and gives away the new brilliant track Kaiser Star for free!
+ Kaiser Star

J.A. now has a Myspace profile. Hurry up and make him your friend!

emodreng & indiepige interviews Oliver North Boy Choir and posts the band's remix of the DAMPFBAHN! track All Is Swell. The remix is absolutely superb and I've asked (and been granted) permission to post the track myself. The vocals have been re-recorded (must be Camilla singing) and the track has that wonderful trademark ONBC sound. Speaking of DAMPBAHN! remixes - below another really cool version of the same track done by Body Lotion and the Bloody Hands. The title of the track has been changed to All Is Hell and contains new (and quite morbid) lyrics about a baby killed by a rattlesnake!
+ All Is Swell - (Oliver North Boy Choir lummertmix)
+ All Is Hell - (Body Lotion and the Bloody Hands)

Assasin has posted two new instrumental tracks. Still this doesn't sound like Phonovectra at all and dreamy post-rock is probably a good way to describe the new ones (never been good at this)?
+ Pause Between Friends
+ White Light

I believe every blogger knows this: You receive a mail from someone saying that you've posted his music some time ago and he'll be happy if you'd care to mention his new album, and your first reaction is; WHO? So you check back and realize that you've actually mention this guy before (in my case it was September last year). Then you check your computer and find that you haven't deleted the song you posted back then. Finally you listen to it and you're very surprised that this is a really great one (in my case it's an electro pop song that at times sounds a bit like New Order). In my case (for the third time) I don't know why I've forgotten about Chris Price, but now I'm certainly looking forward to hearing his debut album - Post Pop Parade.
+ And She Was

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