October 2, 2007

Two remixes...

Today is one of those dreaded days at work, where I have way too much work to do, so unfortunately I only have time for this short one...

Judging from the number of downloads; I believe that Club Thing by Yoav must be one of the most popular songs I've ever posted. Personally I still think it's an excellent track, so I was quite delighted to find this very cool RAC remix of the song in the mailbox this morning.
+ Club Thing (RAC Remix)
+ Club Thing

Another RAC remix received in the mail recently is this charming version of You're Alright by Norwegian twee/folk-pop duo Jeremy. I've previously posted the brilliant Make Love Not War by the band and an album should be in the making.
+ You're Alright (RAC Remix)
+ Make Love Not War

1 comment:

The Minister said...

I must say, "Club Thing" was a quite a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the recommendation and for your great taste in music.