October 3, 2007

Truth telling Mapmaker...

Fine Danish 5-piece Majorian has just finished recording an EP that is going to be called Truth Telling Peekholes. The title track is available as a "teaser" and it's an absolute cracker. This beautiful melody starts out quietly for the first minute and a half, giving you the impression that this will be a mellow and acoustic sounding track, but then it picks up the pace with the drums and an almost Keane/Coldplay inspired piano. Dominating the track (and getting all your attention) is the wonderful voice of lead singer Maria, which at times sounds like it's another instrument added to the mix. Oh well - I suck at these descriptions. Just check it out - it's absolutely gorgeous! It really is!
+ Truth Telling Peekholes

The 4 Danish youngsters in The Imaginary Orchestra of Mr. Kite are currently busy recording and new track The Mapmakers Dream is the first result of the band's hard work. This time it sounds a little less like Jeff Buckley (the inspiration is still there) and instead more like they are trying to create an experimental mix of two of the band's other inspirational sources; Muse and Radiohead. Still sounds great and very promising!
+ The Mapmakers Dream

Sometimes I just accept Myspace friend requests without really knowing anything about the band/artist (always hope to check them out at some later stage). So when I accepted the request by Topboy-500 I didn't know that this was another project involving Thomas of Volvoe. In his own words the songs by this alias will be the ones that turn out to be too fucked up or too different, but still cool in their own odd way. This one (a very laid-back electronic track with vocoder vocals) is certainly not too fucked up, perhaps too different to become a Volvoe track, but definitely very cool!
+ I am Snow

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