November 13, 2007

Election Day...

Today is Election Day in Denmark and even though this is not a political blog, I really urge everyone to cast their vote. I honestly don't care what party you vote for, as long as you remember to vote and thus show your appreciation for our democratic rights. There are still far too many countries in the world where people are not allowed to vote or where the outcome of the election has already been "fixed". So even if you are tired of politicians and think they are all crashing bores (thank you Morrissey), things could easily be a whole lot worse! So please support our democracy and waste 5 of your precious minutes today, to go to the polling station!

Before you leave I suggest that you download this wonderful cover version of an old The Jesus and Mary Chain track by The Mary's not a cover you say? Are you sure? Oh well! It's still very nice!
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Boris said...

as a citizen of Belarus I must tell you that our president has a strong support between us. Wiki article that you mentioned does not containt true facts and is written by some liberal man who is fond of western-style so called "democracy" (that is not a democracy at all, by the way). So that wiki article is as true as an article that says Iraq had a mass destruction weapon (that still has not been found) and served as a reason to destroy a country and conquer it's resources

stytzer said...

The Wiki article was just an example and it won't be difficult to find several other newspaper articles on the same topic. But as I wrote - this is not a political blog, and the voice of the people (you!) should always be what matters the most and hopefully what is closest to the truth!