November 28, 2007

Moving on...the next step...

Tomorrow I’ll be going to the first job interview since I handed in my resignation last month. If I get the job, I seriously doubt that much will change from a working point of view, as the job description is pretty much the same as in my current job. So why do I even consider taking the new one the devil's advocate might ask? Obviously new surroundings, colleagues and a different boss will be much needed breaths of fresh air. And since it is located just around the corner from where we live instead of a 45 minute drive away, the new job certainly has that little something that makes it very attractive! Now I just need to make a good impression!!!! Perhaps I should send a substitute?

That list I mentioned a few times last week still has a few names left on it, so before December comes creeping up on us, I guees it’s about time to get the remaining names wiped off the list! Chris has already mentioned a few of the artists, so if you're a regular to his blog, you probably won't find much of interest in this post.

I received the Panda Riot debut album She Dares All Things (buy) a few weeks back, and have been enjoying it immensely ever since. Great tunes on an insisting platform of noise; and why is it that dreamy female vocals fit the shoegaze genre like hand in glove?
+ She Dares All Things

Swedish synthpop duo Ostrich is giving away a new track named Wonderland. Not sure if this is meant to be a seasonal offering, but in their own words it's a little more danceable than the previous track; the super chilled Icecold Kisses.
+ Wonderland
+ Icecold Kisses

Not so long ago it seemed like every new band was inspired by Joy Division. However it's my impression that this have slightly changed, as more and more bands seem to be embracing The Jesus and Mary Chain. The Vandellas from NY is another fine proof that TJAMC haven't lived in vain.
+ Swell To Heaven

If information is to be trusted, Canadians The Mission District will release their debut album Youth Games sometimes early next year. Judging from the songs I've heard so far this will be something for anyone who's into catchy indie/alternative rock music (think The Bravery, Bloc Party etc.).
+ The Age Of Pretending


Chris said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for the interview... it will work out if it is meant to be. Although you'd have to think about your blog-name then; don't suppose you'll drive to work when it's just "around the corner"! ;)

stytzer said...

Thanks - and indeed you're right about the blog name :)

Parklife said...

I'm sure you'll impress your new boss - at least with your taste in music! :-) Good luck for tomorrow!

José Antonio said...

Good luck for the interview tomorrow!

You are the best!!! ;)

fulanito said...

Best of luck tomorrow. If you do as well at interviews as you do writing this blog, you'll be hired!
Thanks for the music.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you'd be able to repost Wonderland song, man?

Cheers for the great music you have here!

stytzer said...

Will upload Wonderland tomorrow!