May 7, 2008

Off to Italy…

For the third (and last) time this spring, I’m going abroad for a few days. Tomorrow me and a bunch of friends are heading for Siena in Italy, where we’ll be staying until Sunday morning. The weather forecast promises fairly decent weather and the city is very picturesque (at least so I’m told, and the picture certainly indicates that it could very well be the case), so the stage is hopefully set for a nice trip.

Have spent even more hard earned cash on a few CD’s and among the recent purchases is the new album The Hungry Saw by Tindersticks. Despite the band’s popularity through the years and fairly extensive back catalogue, this is my first encounter with the band. And a pleasant one so far, I should add, as this is album is crammed with lovely melancholic chamber pop.
+ The Flicker of a Little Girl

Electronically Yours is the perfect webpage for all of you (us) who spent our teenage years listening to bands likes Yazoo, Depeche Mode and OMD, and stubbornly refuse to understand that those days ended almost 20 years ago. Lots of news, tour dates etc. can be found there, but the true gem is the fine download section on the left (scroll down).
+ Yazoo - Nobody's Diary (The Tenth Stage Remix)

Decorate.Decorate. lead singer Asbjørn has launched his side project named Well, where he records lo-fi folk songs "that does not fit into the band".
+ If Now's The Time Tomorrows

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