May 6, 2008

VETO power…

So far I've been listening to the new VETO album Crushing Digits 5 times today, and to be honest, I’m really surprised how much I’m enjoying it. Cannot say that I was all that impressed by the debut and on their sophomore effort the band remains devoted to the indie rock/electronica sound of There’s A Beat In All Machines. However I still thought it was worth the gamble spending some hard earned cash on their new baby, and I’m happy I did, as (I’ll keep this simple) the individual songs on Digits are so much better than those on Machines, where the only song making a lasting impact (on me), was You Are A Knife. No sample MP3’s or video are available, but it’s possible to stream the first single Built To Fail at Myspace.

In a cyclone of stones has posted songs by Klaus & Kinski and Bakers At Dawn.

This week's song by One Weekly Gun comments the "The Amstetten Horror".
+ When The Lights Are Coming Back

Seems like Venice is Sinking by Passtime Poets is quite a hit on The Faroe Islands!
+ Venice Is Sinking


Parklife said...

If the other VETO-songs are better than the first new single (which I can't stand at all) I guess I have to give this album a listen too. :-)

Martin Ibsen said...

It strange because I have been listing to the record 10 times now and I must say Iam disappointed. I had the same problem with "there is a...". The songs are to simpel and get boring quikly. Too bad cause the production is good.

Niklas said...

okay, sounds promising indeed. since i as a german guy have to wait some time for my cd to arrive i'll collect some voices about the new album. glad you like it. .)