May 8, 2008


One hour to go before I am heading for Bella Italia - so why not spend it on something useful like posting a few songs?

A lovely new track by UK indie pop band Play People is available over at Myspace. In their own words; "They were formed in a dark German factory. They are committed to playing the finest pop." Finest pop indeed!
+ Meet Me Saturday
+ Oh What A Life (in case you missed it the first time round)

More pop magic - this time it's from NY duo This Is Ivy League. Their cover of Crown of Love (Arcade Fire) will most likely secure them some attention, but the band's other songs (taken from the self-titled debut) easily hold their own, as they are gorgeous pop gems. Especially the irresistible The Richest Kids has summer written all over it and the album has been added to the wishlist!
+ The Richest Kids
+ London Bridges
+ Crown of Love

Just like this one by US indie rock act Everest and would really love to hear the rest of the debut album Ghost Notes.
+ Rebels In The Roses

Finally two tracks by The Atomica Project (formerly Atomica) from the sophomore album Grayscale. Beautiful and dreamy sounds that "isn't simple trip hop, isn't sterile downtempo, it isn't even orchestral or lo-fi", but probably somewhere in between. The third album in this post I need to get my hands on!
+ Gravity
+ Forecast

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