May 2, 2008

This and that...

Yesterday's newsletter from Matinée Recordings promises another EP as well as a debut album from Northern Portrait. In the near term they say, whatever that means?

I'm not overly impressed by that new track by Coldplay. Are you? Grab it.

But I do like the new song by The Radio Dept. at lot. The new album will be out in September and hopefully I'll finally be able to catch them live some time later this year.
+ Freddie and the Trojan horse

If the Danish album chart is to be trusted The Storm has now sold (at least) 15,000 copies of the debut, which was thrashed by the press. However it seems glaringly obvious that no one really cares about those reviews, as the two highly appraised debut albums by BREUMM and The William Blakes never managed to crack the top 40.

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