June 11, 2008

Catching up...

It never fails to amaze me how quickly my mailbox gets cluttered. I turn my back to it for a day or two and it's pretty darn close to exploding. Even if I was a full-time blogger I would never have the slightest chance of listening to all the (probably) great music mailed to me. And it's rather painful knowing that I'm missing out on some great stuff every day!

So what is more natural when you have 100's of mails to go through, than to always check out the ones from your favorites first, and among the "can't miss" mails are those from André of the The Remix Artist Collective (RAC). This time he's giving away his superb remix of Pull Shapes by The Pipettes as well as breaking the news that the collective's first remix album will be free to grab from Stereogum on Wednesday June 11 (that's today!).
+ The Pipettes - Pull Shapes (RAC mix)

I asked the question a few weeks back and we now have the answer! The debut album by The Holiday Show will be released some time this fall on Slow Shark Records. It's been more than two years since I featured this Copenhagen quartet for the first time, so this has been in the making for quite a while!
+ Snookerstar

There's a new track by Play People up at Myspace and Goes Out has to be one of the catchiest pop tunes we're going to hear this year. Not free to download, but make sure that you give it a listen nonetheless. Cloudberry Records are listed among their top friends, so perhaps we'll see an EP release very soon (know what? I'm starting a rumor here!)?

Innersounds has posted the lovely On Days Like These by Quincy Jones/Matt Monro. Anyone who has ever watched the original version of The Italian Job will probably recall this song as well as the opening scene.

Guess no one deserves this recognition more than Avi?

A new track by One Weekly Gun is up and this week it's small ode to how wonderful (sort of) life is.
+ Life is Great

Seems like the British press is falling in love with Kind of girl. Artrocker gives the band's live concert at The Spice of Life in London a rating of 4 (which apparently is very good) and calls the performance "potent and genuinely moving". Toxic Pete ends the review of the forthcoming album Lonely In A Modern Way with the words "...is hard to find faults with...". Well done!

Flashing of Knives
(formerly known as Sinai) will release their debut album In Shark Territory on Monday June 30. The release party will take place on Saturday at Undervand in Copenhagen and the doors will open at 9 PM (no entrance and cheap drinks). Hope to get a chance to listen to the rest of the album, as the first single (posted below) is a fine dance inspired rock tune.
+ Pedro El Negro

Now this could be very, very interesting!

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