June 13, 2008

Every Streetcar...

Some of you may (or may not) recall that I picked Michael Møller’s solo debut album Every Streetcar's Got a Name, An Album About Sex and Desire as my favorite album of last year? The past few days I’ve renewed the friendship and once again I’m in complete awe. Rarely have I listened to an album so beautiful, so honest, so heartfelt and so remarkably close to being flawless. It didn't exactly take the world by storm, when it was released, but I'm not quite sure if the world knows exactly what it's missing? I honestly doubt that this post will open the eyes of the world, but I stubbornly insist at giving it another try.
+ Tennessee
+ All The Girls I Lost In The Fires

Have you downloaded the RAC remix compilation from Stereogum? I'm ashamed to admit that I haven’t, but I most certainly will tonight!

The entire 8 track Demo C by The Antique Toys is now free to download from Last.fm if you like. It's good stuff!
+ Am I Alone?

I'm not very good at watching movies anymore. Inspired by my post two days ago, I tried to watch The Italian Job the other night, but only managed to stay focused for about 10 minutes. I will probably try again tonight, and that opening sequence is still beautiful (and quite dramatic).

Eardrums is making a summer compilation.

Chris is "left to his own devices" today.

Sometimes music doesn't have to be that complicated. I was cleaning out my mailbox when I came across this lo-fi gem by Thos Henley. Described as "folk-psych-pop music on Eastern european instruments".
+ Summer of the Thames

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Mark said...

Hey, here's a band you might enjoy. They've just put out an album on the label I'm working for this summer and are called Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck. If you have an opportunity, maybe have a quick listen over at their myspace. No worries, though.