July 22, 2008


Had a falafel for lunch today. Really should feel a slight bit of guilt, as this is not the proper diet with the 100 Push-Up challenge in mind! I do promise that I’ll continue my quest tonight!

A new track by Calexico is free to grab at Myspace and though I’m no fan and therefore lack any insight, I do find it very appealing and believe it must be one of their best songs. New album to be called Carried To Dust and will be released September 9 on Touch and Go/Quarterstick Records.
+ Two Silver Trees

On a Myspace crusade yesterday I found this quite beautiful cover version of Love Will Tear Us Apart recorded by Italians Albanopower.
+ Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)

Series Two Records has agreed to release the debut album by Swedish electro pop duo Television keeps us apart later this year. I feel the "need" to mention that the duo hails from Stockholm, as I should have mentioned yesterday that indie pop duo New Found Land is from Gothenburg. Check this post to understand why this is of “importance”.
+ Television keeps us apart Never be alone

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Susan said...

How are the push-ups coming along!!?