July 25, 2008

Out of office...

The holiday season is coming up, so for the next couple of weeks there will be no updates. It would of course be tempting to use blogger’s scheduling facility to secure a flow of daily posts, but somehow I don’t see that as “true blogger spirit”. So mid-August I’ll be back again and I’m already beginning to fear the number of mails and blog updates I’ll have to read my way through upon my return. But that’s a problem of the future and instead I’ll much rather find joy in the fact that the weather forecast looks absolutely fantastic, unlike last year, where we were inches from drowning. And while I'm away I suggest that you:

Join the Northern Portrait Facebook group! I'm seriously afraid that the Napoleon Sweetheart EP will be released while I'm on holiday.
+ Crazy

Download the 6 tracks by Velour that (for the moment) are freebies at the band's Myspace profile. The album Undress Your Alibis was my soundtrack of last summer.
+ Janey Black (Tiger Baby Remix)

Watch last night's episode of Kaer paa tur. It's in Danish, but if you wind forward to the 5:17 mark you'll get an introduction to my local CD pusher. You could of course watch the rest of the episode and get a bit more familiar with my hometown.

Download the 8 Speaker Bite Me remixes, including this fine one by SuperTroels. Try to spot the Pink Floyd and Kate Bush references!
+ Teach Me Tiger (SuperTroels remix)

Check out the Green Concorde post from yesterday. It's been updated!


Chris said...

hey mate! Have a great holiday! And come back safe and sound, ok? :)

Greets to the girls as well!

stytzer said...

Thansk a lot! I plan to return safe and sound... :)

Susan said...

Have a terrific holiday!!!